Friday, 7 March 2014

Trunki case review

Please note:- I do not work for Trunki and Trunki have not paid me to do this review. These are my honest opinions and views.

Last week we purchased a Trunki because we have booked to go on holiday in this country and Munchkin is so excited so we thought we would treat him to his very own case in which he could pack his toys and bits and bobs.

On first inspection of the trunki it was stronger than i thought and alot more robust....There was no fiddling putting it together with screws, clips, etc.....all i had to do was clip the strap on as shown in the picture below. You can just clip it on the one side of the trunki if you want to pull the trunki along or you can clip the other side of the strap onto the other loop on the trunki to use it as a strap to carry the case on your shoulder. (please note:- i have not clicked the clip all the way in as i wanted to show you the clasp)
There is also 2 handles that you can use to carry the case.

On each side of the Trunki the is a clip with a lock. you can clip these shut and lock the Trunki with the funky little key that comes attached to the strap. This is handy to prevent little tikes getting into their case when they aren't ment too.
There is a little button on the clip, you can just press this in and you should be able to open the clip.


Inside the case was ALOT more space than I thought there would be both me and hubs were shocked. 
On the one side is standard hard shell case and on the other side there is a strap that you can find in most adult cases. This is perfect to hold in all of muchkins bits and bobs!
There is also a handy fabric picket inside - yep more places for toys!!!


 Over all my opinion on the Trunki is very good! Munchkin loves it and he is now even more excited for holidays! Its very robust and the strap is strong so it feels stable when I'm pulling munckin. There is loads of room to store things inside and the lockable clips are a huge plus side!

There are lots of designs available! some of which include bee, dinosaur, princess fire engine, Lady bird, tiger, cow, gruffalo, and much more!
They have also brought out a brand new HELLO KITTY its glittery and pretty!!
I purchased this Trunki for £34.99 and it is well worth the money. I can tell that its going to last for ages! Its even useful for munchkins over night stays at grandparents :-)

Pop over to the Trunki site to view their designs and other products available!

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