Monday, 17 March 2014

The 'boring' non drinker

Me:- Are you going on Saturday?
Friend:- yeh!!
Me:- fab I'll pick you up if you like!
Friend:-What?!...Are you not drinking??
Me:- No, I don't drink do I?
Friend:- Ahhh you are sooo boring!!

This is just one of many conversations that happen regarding me not drinking alcohol!
Why is not drinking alcohol such a big deal???

In my younger years (oh don't I just sound like a little old biddy) I would really enjoy going to a friends house to get ready before our big night out in the City. We would drink whatever we could even if we hated the taste of it!! Then we would head into the City and all of the night clubs and drink whatever took our fancy. We would flirt with men and have a right giggle and often get so drunk that we would never remember it the next day. We would be left with the worst hangover!
This was something I used to brag about!

Just before my 21st Birthday my mum passed away suddenly and it tore my world apart and I began to look at many things in life differently.
I realised that in the past I'd be drinking on the weekends just to get drunk! I hated the taste of alcohol so why was I drinking?? It was just to get 'smashed' as we used to call it.

I began to look around at people who believed that they needed to get drunk to have a laugh and be stupid. people who would make themselves sick at the end of the night so that they wouldn't have a hangover the next day.
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Next time you speak to a friend or family member who doesn't drink alcohol don't call them boring! There maybe a reason they don't drink reasons, personal reasons or even just because they don't like the stuff!
Do you call vegetarians boring because they don't eat meat??

I have had people in my life who rely on alcohol and I've seen the impact that it can make. Obviously I'm not saying that everyone who drinks is an alcoholic!
Ive always wanted to be the person who cracks open a nice bottle of chilled rose and sits down after a long day sipping away at rather large glass of wine.....however I can honestly say i don't enjoy alcohol what so ever! I would rather sit there with a nice glass of coke!

Why do you have to have a drink to be more confident and have a giggle?? isn't this relying on alcohol to become a person that your not!
Why is getting pissed an important part of your night??

I'm now 27 and other than very special occasions Ive not had a drink. Now I have a Fiance and a baby I hate nothing more than going out with friends to nightclubs! I'm over that and I more than happy to stay in with my little family with a nice cuppa tea, if this makes me a 'boring tea drinking' then so be it!

Maybe next time someone say 'ahhh your sooo boring' i should reply with 'ahhhh your just a saddo that needs alcohol to make you happy'

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