Monday, 3 March 2014

Play mobil Family motorhome review

So today my in laws popped by with a present for our little munchkin!
It was the play Mobil family motorhome from the summer fun range! His eyes lit up when he saw the box and couldn't wait for me to open it and put it together. He calls it his Camper van!
This is one of the first Play Mobil products that we have.

On opening the box i found lots of little organised bags and instructions on how to put it together.
The instructions were very easy to follow and it took me approx 20 mins to put it together (however i was chatting with family and drinking tea)

On putting the camper van together it became very apparent how sturdy play mobil products are! No screwdriver was needed and everything clicked/slid in place.

The back of the camper van has a funky little fold able bike rack! It also comes with two bikes which have removable bike stands. The wheels do in fact go around (a lot of cheaper alternative products tend to lack on details like that)

The fold able table and chairs are so sweet and conveniently fold away into the compartment on the roof. On the underside of the roof is a double bed which can be unclipped and attached on top of the table inside the camper van.

Above the driver and passenger seats is a bed with a tiltable tv. This bed is easy to lift off to have easier access to the driver and passenger seats. Behind the seats is a Table (which is movable - higher/lower) and a bench seat.

There is a sweet little sink and cooker area along with a storage area (2 small draws, one large draw and plate and cup holder)

At the back of the camper van is a frosted sliding door. slide this back to reveal a bathroom area where you can find a toilet with folding toilet seat, movable toilet roll, a wash basin and mirror (awwww) and a shower area.

The Camper van also has an outward opening door to allow play people easy access.

As you can see from the above picture it comes with lots of little bits! as my munchkin is a bit young for these I've popped them away until hes a little older. (not that he would put them in his mouth but they would end up under the sofa before the day is out).
It comes with some people, shoes/flip flops, cutlery, juice cartons, plates, cups, pots/pans and much more!


Its safe to say that I love this product! the detail that has gone into this product is unbelieveable and had all the family looking at all of the little extra touches that you don't get with other toys.


Good size
No screw drivers needed
Easy assembly
Fun (even for me)
Good value


None that I can think of! 
Some people may think that they are overpriced but having a play mobil product has now made me realise that they are worth every penny!

We are already eyeing up with other play mobil products we are going to get for munchkins birthday!

You will not be disappointed!!

(Please note:- I'm not being paid by anyone to do this review and this review is based on my own opinions)

Here is the direct link to the play mobil site where you can view all their range and purchase on their website.

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