Saturday, 22 February 2014

My 'woman on a mission' week

so....the last few days have seen me spending a lot of time in the kitchen! Hubs-to-be is off work for a little while and its safe to say he loves eating biscuits, cakes, muffins and is a fan of pastries! I'm no Jamie Oliver but i like to have a dabble!

Earlier in the week I did a post about some yummy biscuits that I made! you can find the blag post along with the recipe here Butter Biscuits

Yesterday I decided to make corned beef pasties, pies and bakes! Ive gotta be honest, I enjoyed making these as its something different from what I usually make and they tasted amazing (yep I'm on my diet and should have had any but hey ho)
I cheated and used the ready made puff pastry and just as in the name it puffed up a right treat!!
Here is a pic of how some turned out (some were still in the oven)

Basically I cooked some potatoes and Mashed them then added a tin of corned beef, mashed it in and let it cool.
I rolled out the puff pastry and placed a side plate on top and cut around it, then put some of the corned beef mix into the one half, pupped some whisked egg around the edges and folded it over creating a semi circle, press the edges down firmly with your finger tips to seal. 
Using a pastry brush, brush some egg onto the top of the pasty to create a golden brown colour once cooked. 
Pop in the oven until golden brown!
Yum Yum!
Oh you can also see some mini ones I made too!

We moved into our new home back in September and we cant wait to sort the garden!
So last week I decided to buy a jet washer as we have been going on about cleaning the Patio ever since we moved in!
We decided to buy the Black and Decker pressure washer on sale at the moment at £59.99

Its safe to say that I'm getting on with it a right treat! Here is just 2 BEFORE pictures (I will post some after pictures once I've finished it all)

So as i said this is the before pictures and it was that kind of task you look forward to getting stuck into but half way through you just want to give up and go for a nice cuppa!
I also underestimated the amount of mess it would create of ME.....I mean i knew there was a risk so i popped on a pair of my old jeans.
This was me half way through..........

So its going to be a wellington job next time!
I know people may say....'jet washing your patio in February??? Basically its never been done in 17 years so i wanted to get the hard work done now and then it may only need a quick wash nearing summer!
I also gave the shrubs and bushes a trim back and changed the bulbs in the water feature in the garden!
Woman on a mission!!

Oh, and I started to paint our en suite!

So if you haven't gathered by now....Andy will do things when its essential (that's not me saying hes lazy because he isn't....if i ask him to do something he will do it (within a few days or so))
But me.......I get an idea in my head and I've gotta go and do it! Andy knows not to stop me when I'm on a mission :-)

My next blog is going to be about how we keep out son entertained as he is on the go all the time! and every now and again really need that structured activity to calm him down a bit!

Catch up with you soon 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tasty Tuesday! Butter biscuits recipe

So....Years ago I got into making biscuits and cakes....I made biscuits from soooo many different recipes and they never seemed perfect....they were either too hard, too dry, not tasty enough, soggy etc...
However....a year ago i came across a recipe for biscuits and OH MY GOSH the biscuits are soooo yummy! my boys cant get enough of them.
Basically the only way i can describe them is a mix between a butter biscuit and shortbread and they stay nice for days (hmmmm probably longer if i could keep my boys paws off them).
Ive posed the recipe at the bottom of this blog post!

I used my Russel Hobbs mixer (which is a god send when making large batches) I doubled the amount in the recipe as I usually make biscuits and freeze the rest of the dough for a later date. I also put milk choc and white choc chips in.

I rolled my dough out on a floured surface, the shape cutters i use are from Asda £1 for a bag of 20 (The Tom and Jerry ones are from a friend whos Daughter had the in her happy meal) Once I cut out the shapes I put them on baking paper on a baking tray and pop them in the oven until they turn a slight golden brown.

I even got hubby-to be joining in! seen as our little munchkin didn't want to make them (Happy to eat them tho!)

This wasn't even half of what I made as there were more in the oven and the boys pinched some too.
So here is the recipe!

Butter biscuits

1 cup butter
1 cup caster sugar
1 Egg
1.5tsp baking power
1tsp Vanilla essence
3 cups plain flour (extra for dusting)


Monday, 17 February 2014

Starting at the Very beginning....

I'm Kristy! Fiancee to my lovely sole mate Andy and Mummy to our 2 year old son - Rohan.

So basically me and Andy met through a mutual friend.....We soon hit it off and He moved to Wales a short time later :-) There is a 10 year age gap between us....but age is just a number to me. (maybe that's because I'm the young one lol)
We moved in together within 6 months of getting together! We have been together every day since.

A few years into our relationship we decided to try for a baby! and POW! we were so so so lucky and were pregnant within a month!
9 months later our little munchkin was Born! The absolute highlight of my life!
The feeling of the very first moment you set eyes on your baby is so unreal! the tears fell down my face without me even realising it. I will never in a million years forget the moment our son was born! 
Even now my son is my world I'm obsessed with him! 

Andy works shifts and I'm home with Rohan. I make craft items to earn a few extra pennies! I'm usually found doing painting, chalking, sticking or play dough with my little munchkin as it keeps us both happy!

We are getting married next year! I cant wait! I'm trying to lose all of the weight that i gained when i was pregnant and just after (I'm not blaming it on pregnancy or baby weight...I'm literally confessing to eating like a pig during that time) Anyways so far I've lost 4st 1lb and it feels soooo good as I'm getting my confidence back and I'm finding 'ME' again!

This Year we have so much coming up! We have a holiday to Butlins Minehead (which i will blog about and do a review).
My life isn't about lots of money, posh cars, expensive clothes. We just about get by on what we have so you wont find MAC makeup tutorials, or clothes Hauls from will be more like clothing hauls from Primark and food shops from Asda!

If there is anything you would like to see a blog on, please message me because I would love to hear your requests!

Tune in for daily life!