Saturday, 26 November 2016

Meeting Santa at Hamleys

Today we got invited to See Santa at Hamleys toy shop in Cardiff.
We were greeted at the front of the store by a few energetic elves and the excitement began. Each child was given a sticker with their name on it. We were then walked to the back of the store while singing 'Rudolf the red nose reindeer'. We arrived at the back of the store and all opened the doors by shouting 'Hamleys'.

We entered the room and it was beautifully decorated with lots of attention to detail. The children had a place at the table and got cracking on decorating some Christmas biscuits that Mrs Claws had made. Shortly after this The big man himself entered who was an amazing Santa and interacted with the children really well.

The children got to sit and listen to Santa read them a story they also got to play games with Santa. I have to admit every time we have gone elsewhere to see Santa its been the serious santas....but fair play this one was messing around and making the children laugh and getting involved in the games etc which was lovely to see.
The children were then split into two groups. One group sat and wrote their Christmas list and the others got to meet Santa individually then the groups swapped. Before long it was time to say bye to Santa.
Each child was given a balloon and a bag from Santa. The bag contained a teddy with 'I met Father Christmas at Hamleys' on his tshirt, a big bar of chocolate, A book and a Xmas tree decoration. The whole experience lasted about 40 mins. 
We have only ever taken Munchkin to see school Santa and haven't ever paid out for and experience because friends have paid £7+ at local garden centres and come away with a toy from the £1 shop and all they get was 2 mins for a photo and a quick photo.

Before visiting today I probably wouldn't have paid the £19.99 but having experienced it today I would most certainly do it again. Granted if you have more than one child it can get pricey but if you are looking for a good, fun experience then this is the one. Hamleys ask that only one adult accompany each child due to the room not being very big.

You have to book your space so to do so check out the Hamleys website for more info.

We got invited to Hamleys to experience this in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Law of Attraction and life update

Over the past few months I'm not gonna lie....blogging took a very back seat. Life just got very busy.
We had out dream holiday to Disney World to celebrate our honeymoon and milestone Birthdays. It was such a magical holiday and one that we will always remember.

Then we hit the ground running when we got home, Straight back to work and school. Things got a little crazy between work and personal life and everything seemed to be getting me down. I needed to make a change to improve how I dealt with things and situations.

I happened to watch a youtube video by Emma Mumford on law of attraction and remembered that I had purchased the books 'The Secret' and 'The Magic' before going away on holiday. I had read 'The secret' and decided to start putting the practices in 'The magic' into play.
If you don't know about the law of attraction or 'The Secret' books then I would strongly advise that you read up on them and even purchase them (Please let me know if you would like more blog posts on the law of attraction).

Anyways! Emma referred in her video to someone called Tony Robbins.....This may seem a little dull but I didn't have a clue who this dude was, So I put his name into youtube and I was amazed!! This guy is a total legend. I was mesmerised by him and his words. Go and type his name into YouTube if you don't know who he is!.

So the law of attraction is all about positive thoughts attracting positive things into your life and like attracting like. Go and read up on it will thank me.

Ive only been practising this for about 2 weeks and so much has changed. I already feel happier and able to manage situations much easier and have manifested things that have surprised me.

I challenge you to just give it a go and read about the law of attraction.


Keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts coming up