Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Giving my attention

Its been a lovely week so far! The sun has been shining which always puts me in a good mood. There is something about the sun shining through my windows, the birds tweeting that just makes me want to open every window in the house open all the doors and get some fresh air flowing through the house and get my washing out on the line.

As soon as the sun began to show itself, I got this urge to clean.....I don't mean just running the hoover around I mean totally blitzing the house....more of a spring clean!
Ive not had a urge to clean everything like that since I was pregnant with munchkin. (I'm defo not pregnant).

I made myself a cleaning rota which i printed out and laminated. I used white board markers to tick when i had done that job and then i just wipe it away ready to start the next week! 

Over two days I totally organised and cleaned the whole house thoroughly! Taking breaks in between to pop out with munchkin to feed the ducks, take a walk around the pond etc. While i was cleaning Hubs kept him entertained by playing in the garden etc.

Hubs-to-be and I decided that we would focus more of our attention on Munchkin and pay less attention to our ipads and phones. We also planned to do more things as a family....things that don't necessarily cost anything but yet they create memories.

We went to have a nice long walk around the lake and fed ducks (that weren't interested in being fed)

We visited an amazing ice cream parlour a few miles down the road! They have toys outside like scooters and ride ons for the children to play on....and the ice cream is to die for.
We have also been to the park several times as munchkin has a new love for swings and slides (which he hated before)

I also loaded the garden full of Munchkins ride ons, footballs, water tray, sand pit, slide, chalk and bubble maker. It was so lovely and Munchkin jumped around the garden so excited saying how he was a 'Happy boy'. I loved watching him play and laugh and giggle at things we were doing together. My Happiness turned to guilt and i started to question.....'do I give him enough of my time?' the previous week he just seemed to be naughty all week and i kept having to tell him off and sit him in time out.

Maybe all he needs is some more quality time??


Today we drove to Caerphilly castle to feed the ducks etc, The Birds always flock around! Loads of them! It was cute to see Munchkin eating the bread that he was suppost to feed the ducks. Hearing him belly chuckle because one of the larger birds came and took the bread out of his hand

Its been a lovely week so far and all three of us have had fun and bonded even more as a family

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