Monday, 10 March 2014

My top 6 parent pet peeves

I love being a parent to my munchkin but since having him more things seem to get on my pip!

The Trolley Bashers

These people ensure that it's on there daily agenda to visit random supermarkets possibly with no intention to buy any shopping what so ever!
You will often be introduced to these people by a firm nudge to your basket or trolley or even YOU. You find yourself apologising for their actions.....but yet you will appear invisible to them and without even as much as a smile they move on to their next victim.

You will also come across 'TBITs' (Trolley bashers in training). You will often move your Trolley to pull in behind one of the supermarkets many shelf stockers or even fellow shoppers to allow another shopper through, with a nod you signal to them that you are 'pulling in' to give way to them. This is where they make their way wait for an acknowledgement of your doesn't come!!
Unfortunately you are very likely to bump into this person many times during your shop and your disgust is often paired with an out burst of 'NO! Thank you' OR 'no need to say thanks'.

Warning, warning, warning!!

During a visit to a play centre I watched my son enjoying himself in the ball pit. While my son knackered himself out played intently I over heard a lady shouting at her son. 'Jack if you do that again, you are going straight home right now!'.....the little boy paused, laughed and hit his mum again, to which she said 'Jack I've told you once! If you do it again I'm taking you home'. The little boy ran off to play and within 5 mins he was back and yet again hit his mum.....AGAIN! And I'm sure you get it by now but she gave the same warning!
I couldn't help but think ...Jesus woman!! How many warnings is he going to get before you actually act on them!!
I'm not saying I'm a perfect parent but munchkin knows that he has warnings and even if we have only just arrived....I will march him straight back home again.

The Judgemental onlookers

I know I probably shouldn't but often I find myself wondering what people think of me and I often try to seek approval.
My son has had temper tantrums when we have been out and about....I deal with it by telling him to calm down as there is no need for his tantrum (this never very rarely works), I then warn him in a calm but stern voice that if he does not stop his behaviour then I am going to find a spot for him to sit and have time out, if this doesn't work I then find a spot where he isn't going to damage anything or hurt himself or anyone else and 9/10 this calms him down within minuets. Having done this last week I had a few people look at us and shake their head in disgust.
What he hell ?!? Would you rather I screamed at him and smacked his backside??? Unfortunately that's not how I do it!
I've found that many of the older generation are quick to judge if you were to smack you child however I heard one lady say 'he could do with a good smacked arse'.....hmmm double standards??

He's not a bit of play dough!

Ever since munchkin was born, strangers would often come up to us and pull out his dummy, put their head an inch from his and do the whole silly baby talk..... This would often result in munchkin crying. They would then reply with 'awww he's a grumpy baby isn't he? your hands cut out with that one'
What on earth?? He's not grumpy!! Go up to a grown adult on the street and do what you just did to my son in their face....other than their being a slight risk of you getting a bit of a thump I'd think they would be rather 'grumpy' too!
Even now we still get strangers that will come and squeeze his cheeks, or play 'hide his hat' which I grin through and give the whole 'oh dear....where's your hat gone?' Speech.

Jeremy Kyle style shows

Before Munchkin was  born I will hold my hands up and admit that I would often watch Jeremy Kyle and laugh at some of the situations on there....HOWEVER....since having munchkin I WILL NOT have it on my TV....the reason being...It makes me Laugh when people say 'oh Hubby and I don't argue in front of our children' yet they are more than happy to have Jeremy Kyle on the TV in which people are shouting and screaming!!!?? It doesn't make sense! 
Hubs to be and I don't argue in front of Munchkin so we don't expect any one else to either!
so sorry Jezza your Banned in our home!

Eating in supermarkets

So this is one topic i know alot of Mums are going to disagree with me on!
We don't allow munchkin to eat in supermarkets and pay with just the wrapper. To me this is bad manners! The intention of paying with an empty container may well be the intention (or dump rubbish half way around!!) but i don't think this is good to teach your child. Would you go into boots and expect to apply a full face of make up then pay for the empties? or go into Tescos pick up some bread, butter and ham and make a ham sandwich? 
Its not just children eating food in supermarkets that i find unacceptable.....its adults doing it too.
I know that lots of people do it to keep their children entertained and to stop them from grizzling but why not give them a game to play or their own shopping list of things that they have to find, colouring etc......

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