Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Top 15 July Favourites! (household products)

I love reading other peoples reviews on things and although this isn't a review on products there are just some of my July Favourites!
These are in no particular order.

Flash Bathroom cleaner. This stuff is not only a good cleaner but it smells amazing and you can smell it even the day after you have used it. Friends always comment on how clean my bathroom smells. It can usually be found in the supermarkets down to £1.

A squeegy. Ive given up using chemical cleaners on my windows as they don't seem to do as good a job as this little beauty. I put some soapy water in a bowl, wash the windows then use this. No smears at all! Also i use it on the shower and tiles!

Colour catchers! These are a must for me as I usually don't have enough for one type of load so with these i can mix whites and colours and if anything runs it goes into the colour catcher instead. These are available in most supermarkets.

Febreze linen spray! This has the most amazing smell. I love to use it on bedding, curtains, mats, sofa etc. It seams to last forever! I picked mine up in Asda after a friend recommended it to me.

Flash mop. I have gone back and fore between a steam mop, traditional mop and bucket and this flash mop and I love how convenient this mop is and it smells good too!
Yankee Candles...My love of Yankee candles has began! Ive tried a few scents and the ones i love are clean cotton, black cherry, soft blanket, baby powder. They really do make the house smell amazing and they give a long burn time. If anyone can recommend and yummy scents let me know in the comments.
Dyson Vacuum. I don't know where i would be without my trusted Dyson. Its the best Vacuum we have ever owned!
Ambi pur plug in. I love this plug in with the three different scents! It lasts for ages and is one of the best plug ins that I've used. (As you can tell by now i love nice smelling things!)
Egg boiler! Yep call me lazy but this thing is so useful. It holds 6-7 eggs and you get a small up which tells you how much water to put in depending on how many eggs you but in and how you like your eggs (soft, medium, hard). This one is from Lakeland however there are lots of others available.

Slow cooker. ahhhh! my beloved slow cooker! To be honest i didn't think i would use this much but i can honestly say that i love it so much! I buy the casserole mixes, throw it all in and pop it on! mmmmm
Packet mixes. These are so yummy and convenient! although it doesn't say its for a slow cooker i love it use it in the slow cooker! Mix it with some water, pop your chicken in and pour the mix on top...then let it do its magic!

Asda smart price mild curry sauce. Right....if you haven't tried this...please just humour me and try it! Its only about 24p....It tastes just like chip shop curry! I love to make vegetable curry's and chicken curry's with it! its so yummy! (not even the inlaws realised it was smart price!!)
Batiste dry shampoo. This is by far the best dry shampoo I've tried!
Yep this is a strange one! but my hand held fan comes everywhere with me! even in the winter! Why?? because i use it for cooling Munchkins food if we are eating out or even if we are at home! Hes not a fan of waiting for food to cool down!
Tangle Teezer, I love my tangle teaser! having long hair tangles can be a right pain especially as soon as I've got out of the shower after washing my hair! It works a dream!

I have not been sponsored or paid to give my opinions on these products they are all my own opinions.

Moving on....AGAIN!

Yes its been a few weeks since my last blog has got even more hectic and im struggling to make time to post on my blog....or even find any time for myself! I dont want this blog to just be me moaning because thats not my intention.

The are some personal issues going on (I cant go into these at the moment). We moved into a lovely house the end of 2013 which allowed us to get munchkin into the school we wanted him to go to. We were very happy that our landlord was glad to have us at long term tenants. We completed the first 6 month contract and the landlord agreed to providing us with a long term contract....instead of turning up with the contract he rung us to tell us that someone was coming to view the house with e intention of buying it! So as you can imagine it put us in a right spin.
We have since applied for another house and are waiting for a decision on if we have the house or not. The house is bigger than the one we have at the moment and has an extra bedroom which would low us to have people stay over (which the inlaws are really looking forward.

So we have gone from being comfortable and expecting to spend the next 3+ years here to having to move within the next month! It honestly feels like I've only just finished unpacking after moving into this house. Ahh well....what will be will be!!. I just hope that it doesn't unsettle munchkin too much as it took us a good few months to get him back into his sleeping routine when we moved into this house. I've been taking him out for walks when someone comes to view the house as I don't want him wondering why people are walking around his house.

Let the packing begin! (Oh the joy)