Sunday, 2 March 2014

Picking Wedding flowers

This week I had an appointment with a florist regarding flowers for the wedding!
All i could think can I explain to someone what i would like when i don't even know myself!!

Since we got engaged in 2012 my tastes have changed so much! I say 'my' like its my wedding but please don't get me wrong! I go through everything with Hubs-to-be and see what he likes and what he doesn't but I'd like to think he trusts me to choose (or in fact he doesn't really care lol)

So i went to the consultation alone as i left hubs and baba to play. The lady was lovely and we chatted through some things that i liked and what i didn't like. 
I was convinced 2 years ago that i would have a tight rose bouquet....just off white roses with no I'm liking different flowers and I've fallen in love with peonies!

I love the way they almost look fluffy and light!

So during my consultation we talked about my bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets and buttonholes etc but so many other things got asked that i wasn't expecting!
Did i want flowers for my cake?
Did i want a bouquet just to do the 'toss the bouquet'??? WHAT?? (£35 by the way!)
Did my mother in law want a corsage or a female buttonhole! (now i got confused)
At this point i just began nodding along while looking a bit dazed.

I asked for a quote on some centrepieces.....just basic tin milk jugs with flowers...
Later that day i received my price quote from them....
I was happy with the general price of the bouquets and buttonholes etc however...
I nearly spat my tea everywhere when i read £50 per centrepiece! 
So I think we are just going to book the bouquets for the time  being as £50 x 8 - 10 Tables = a lot of penny's! I'm quite creative so it looks like I'm going to be doing the centrepieces myself.

This wedding is coming around rather quickly!!!

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