Friday, 25 August 2017

The neglected 'me'

When I was younger and lived at home I would always say to my Mum....'Mum why don't you get your hair done at the hair dressers, why don't you go and buy yourself some new clothes/shoes. My Mum was always putting herself before everyone else.
Since having Munchkin I turned onto the woman my Mum was....putting everyone and everything before me. I neglected me and as embarrassed as I am to say it I haven't had my hair cut in about 5 years. I don't get my nails done, I don't have several perfumes....actually I own two at very most and a only buy a new one when my existing one runs out. Continuing on the embarrassing side of things.....most of my knickers are at least 5 years old! Yes I know I know!! Basically I've lived by the fact that if I have something and it does the job.....why buy new.

When it comes to buying something for Hubs or Munchkin I don't think twice! I will happily pay £15 for jeans for munchkin but wont spend that on myself. Hubs is constantly telling me to buy whatever I want but I just feel like I have better things to spend the money on.

Its not just fashion that I have neglected myself with its my health. I bite my nails (horrible habit I know!) Its something that I've always done. I get embarrassed going to get acrylic nails because if the state of my nails. My skin has been neglected also.
I hadn't been to the dentist for years as I just saw it as an expense that I didn't want to fork out on so about a month ago when I had to have a tooth out my Hubby said enough is enough and signed me up to a private dentist. Of course before you can get signed up you have to have any pre existing issues sorted first resulting in a £1500 bill for bits and bobs. Since having Munchkin 6 years ago yes I brushed my teeth but used the cheapest toothbrush/toothpaste I could find and just gave them a quick brush before I dashed off to do the next thing on my list.

This blog post isn't a 'poor me' post but its me realising that I can spend some time and money on me and not feel guilty for it. A lot of my friends go to the hair dressers once a month, have a tan, eyebrows, eyelashes and nails done very regularly as well as having all the top brands...(Not that there is anything wrong with that) while that will never completely be me, I am going to make an effort now that I've turned 30 to look after 'Me' a bit more. I know that there are more people out there like me who have neglected themselves because they think the money is better used somewhere else within the house/family. Let me know in the comments if you have neglected 'you'.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Happy campers Part 1

So if you read my last post then you would know that we bought a family tent in an attempt to create good family holiday memories with a back to basic (ish) feel. Rather than pitch the tent in our garden for a test run we decided to book and pay £26 for a 2 night stay over a weekend. We had a fab time and learned a lot regarding things we would have done better.

I would tell any family to give camping a go! I think that camping is becoming much more popular. I wanted a chance to get back to basics as munckin constantly wants the ipad so I wanted to get him back to basics so he could find his own entertainment and so we could
just spend evenings playing games together as a family rather than having Ipads and tvs.

we enjoyed laughing when cooking our food on a BBQ, playing bat and ball, going for walks and listening to the campfires as we fell asleep each night. (I have included a few photos of our little set up below)

I don't think there are enough blog posts out there regarding family camping, the benefits and the lovely campsites that are within a stones throw of us! So I'm going to be reviewing campsites and giving tips on camping as a family within my 'Happy campers' posts.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Happy Campers?!?

Well....Hello! Long time no speak! Life has been a little crazy but in a good way!

We got to thinking about our next holiday but everything seemed so expensive! we looked at holidays abroad and holidays in the UK but everything seemed so out of our price range as we are saving for a house deposit. I quickly gave up and realised that there would be no holiday on the cards for this year. Well that was until one Saturday I laughed and said to hubs.... 'how about we go camping?' We laughed about it but later that day we found ourselves in the 'Go Outdoors' near us.

we browsed the tents that were available and munchkin insisted on going into each tent. We quickly realised that a lot of the tents weren't the cramped tents just for sleeping in (unless you want them to be of course). A lot of these tents had separate bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen areas.

For the first time we actually saw this as an option! It just seemed to be our answer. We could have cheaper family holidays and enjoy a more back to basics fun.

On our way out we saw a family tent that was on offer and we loved it! yep we bought it! It came with an awning which adds on another room at the front (shown in the pic) so on long weekends we could just take the actual tent (bedrooms and living room) and for longer stays we could take the awning to have more living space!

We have our first long weekend book to test out the tent So here is to happy camping!!
speak soon

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Update - Comping - Weight Watchers

Just a little update for you all as I've deserted my blog recently as work and life just got a little crazy. I'm off work at the moment because munchkin has got chickenpox but he is dealing with it well and hasn't grumbled once! He has had the iPad constantly in his hands and if I'm honest I don't really mind. He is hardly ever ill so I thought why not!

Anyway!! Since losing weight for our wedding in 2015.....I' basically I've put loads back on. Its completely my fault as we have enjoyed eating out loads and I started a job where I start work before lunch time and finish at 4pm although we can eat on the go I've been grabbing Fatty foods like Chocolate bars, Crisps etc
So I've decided that I'm going to start doing Weight Watchers again but due to us saving to buy a house I'm not going to pay to go to the meetings or do it online. I'm just going to base it on what I know about the old pro point system as I know its changed to smart points. I've dug out my old WW books and I'm starting on Monday when I'm hoping munchkin will be going back to school. This will give me enough time to get the food shopping that I need

I've also taken up comping since being off and so far we have won some slogan t-shirts
~ for me and munchkin, soup and soup mug, rugby shirt, goodie bags and more. I just enter them in the evenings when hubs and I are sat down watching tv.
If you are also a comper let me know!

Speak soon!