Thursday, 13 March 2014

List Lover

This is such a random post but I prayed thought alot of you would be able to relate.

SO in my house i seem to have a growing collection of note books! Some are a4 size and some are tiny little ones that I always buy because they are 'handy to just pop in your bag' however once i have purchased these tiny ones i soon decide that they to small to be of use to me! So this tiny notebook will get thrown into a draw, bag etc And in a few months i will end up giving it to munchkin to play with!
New time I visit a shop that stocks stationary i will instantly feel the pull towards the stationary area....and I will most likely definitely end up buying a notebook of which will probably be a tiny cute one (that I will never use again)

I do however find a use for my larger note books! and that my lovely friends is......LISTS!!!

Yes you heard me ladies! What lady doesn't love lists!
I love reading them, I love making them, I love allocating them!

So My list obsession began when I was pregnant with munchkin! Lists of names we liked, list of things we needed etc!

So at this point it would only be right for me to make a list of my current lists!

A list of what lists I need to make
Food shopping lists
To do lists
what to pack (for holibobs!) 
Wedding planning list
Guest list (wedding)
home improvement list
I think I'll stop there

I'm even as bad as too write a list then write it out again so that its 'final draft' I organised or obsessed???
Please tell me I'm Not alone!!
Who else is a #listlover

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