Friday, 21 March 2014

Early Easter Gift

Having some sunshine lately has put us all in a good mood right? Well it has for me! 
as the sun comes out I started to think of the garden and tidying it up as we not long ago moved in and out last house didn't really have a garden. 
Last Saturday my inlaws came down for the day and came in with a large box and told me and hubs that this was our Easter present and that we could have it early.....after turning the box around I discovered that it was one of those green houses with plastic covering and it was a nice big one too!

I love putting stuff together so it didn't take long before I was excitedly unboxing it (excited over a green house?!?...yes this is what my life has come too). I put it together and we moved it into position in the garden!
It came with selves on one side and pegs to peg it down as these can be known to fancy a fly around the streets so we also put some paving slabs on the bottom bars inside to keep it secure! It has a zip door that you can roll up if needs be.

My inlaws also brought down some seed....i forgot to take a picture but they were aubergines, tomato, lettuce, strawberry, sweet pea, and some flowers for munchkin to grow like sunflower seeds.
We decided we would plant them in April. 
Its safe to say that munchkin loves it and calls it his play tent.
The next day we wandered on down to the garden centre to have a look at what other seeds and things we could consider growing. Munchkin was happy because they had a funky trolley with a car attached.....he thought this was amazing and keeps asking to go to the garden centre (undoubtedly to ride in the car)
I was so overwhelmed at the amount of seeds many different ones! As a beginner its all trial and error for us! We ended up coming away with Mint (I love mint), Cabbage, peppers and leaf salad.

There is something about wandering around a garden centre on a Sunday that i really find satisfying! I don't know why because I'm not a big gardening person but growing up nearly every Sunday me and my parents could often be found walking around a garden centre!

Munchkin has fallen in love with a Robin ornament that is in the Local garden centre. Ive gotta admit its pretty damn cute! Ever since we bought our bird feeder for the garden we get so many birds but we have two little robins that come onto the feeder very often and hes named them Robbie the robin. So every time he insists on going to see Robbie in the garden centre! I think we are going to have to buy it for him as we have probably spent more on petrol going to see 'Robbie' than what he actually costs to buy!!

Later that day Munchkin was excited to plan some of his sun flower seeds so we trundled up to the greenhouse and he had great messy fun putting the soil into the pots, planting his sun flower seeds and then watering them (and himself) with the spray gun!
I also couldn't wait until April to plant some thins so I planted a few of the seeds! I'm not sure how they are all going to turn out but i guess we will find out! I will keep you posted!
Its become our little hobby and even we don't get anything from it at the end we will have had fun as a family in doing it. Hubs is wants munchkin to have hands on experience in growing things from scratch so obviously this is a learning experience for him too. I would highly recommend getting one for your garden! You can bigger or smaller ones than the one we have.

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