Saturday, 22 March 2014

Primark shopping haul

So Primark happened this week!....I'm happy to confess....I love Primark. You can get clothing cheap, fashionable and lots of variety. Like many Muns I'm sure you will agree that you would rather spend money on clothing etc for your little ones. I'm not one for branded items plus i don't have the money to go and buy branded items willy nilly!
So as I'm going on holibobs soon I wanted to pick up a few bits! So here is what I got!

I wanted to get munchkin his own character towel for when we went swimming, so I found this cute Mickey Mouse towel! 
Only £4

This Chunky knit cardigan is a cream/stone colour and i bought it for when it gets nippy! I love a nice cardigan! Doesn't everyone?
This was only £10

I also needed to get a large beach type bag for using when we take munchkin swimming and I also wanted something big enough to put munchkins bucket and spade for when we go to the beach as well as all the snacks etc. This is a nice large one and it has a zip. It was only £4! Bargain!

I also got sucked into the 'near till purchases'.....and ended up picking up a hand sanitiser which I thought would be handy to carry around while out and about on holibobs.
It was only £1

A bit of sun and the flip flops are out!! If it wasn't so cold in the winter i would happily wear flip flops all year long!
I got these nude coloured flip flops with a cute bow on each! They had them in lots of other colours like a lovely Coral and a nice turquoise but i think i will go back for those another time!
Believe it or not they were only £2.50!!! total bargain.

Staying on the shoe front I picked up these beauty's! They are a nude colour with black toes and bows and they are so soft and comfy. They have a quilted effect to them.
Only £4!!

Its that time of year when you realise you have lost all of your favourite cheapy primark glasses from last year but your not really bothered as its an excuse to buy some more. I picked up these tortoise shell sunglasses....they are darker lenses than shown in the picture below as the sun was shining through the window in the photo. They also came with a fabric glasses case with drawstring top.
Only £1

I needed a swimming costume because I've not bought one since losing 4 stone and i didn't want one that was really expensive because I've still got weight to lose. I have real difficulty finding swimsuits as my clothing size is 12 however my 'top half' (if you know what i mean) Is larger than a size 12 so I went for a size 14 and hoped for the best.
It has tummy control which is a must for my Mummy tummy! The straps are also removable. 

Last but not least was this lovely cream quilted design make up bag! It has two zipped compartments and was only £3

So That's if for that shopping trip! just some bits and bobs that I needed
I love looking at Primark hauls so if you have one on your blog let me know in the comments below

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