Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Party for a toy!?!?

This is the 'turtle'!

One day I was playing with munchkin out on then patio and he was telling me that he had gone to his aunties house, I knew that he hadn't gone to his Aunties house so I asked him who his Auntie was and his reply was 'my turtle is my Auntie'. Ever since that day he refers to 'his turtle' ALL the time!

One morning he came up to me and said 'Mummy its my turtles 10th Birthday today'  my reply was 'Ahhhh lovely' (conversations regarding the 'turtle' are a norm in our house now).
I got home from work that day and picked him up from school.....the moment we walked through the door he rushed around the house then broke down in tears. Turns out he was expecting me to do a party for the turtle just like I do for him on his birthday. Not wanting to see him so upset I told him that we had arranged to have the party the next day as we would have more time.
The next day while at work I couldn't help but keep thinking of how much this party meant to him so when i finished work I went to Aldi to get some party nibbles. While waiting to pay I looked at everything on the conveyor belt and questioned as to if i was losing the plot....It kept going through my head 'you are buying food for a 10th Birthday party for a TOY!!' but hey! if it means munchkin being happy, I'm in!  I rushed home and set up the table, blew up some balloons and made a party hat for the turtle with 10 written on it!
It was safe to say that when Munchkin got home he was completely over the moon! We tucked into the food and had a lovely time!
I'm not completely sure what it is about this turtle but hes always referring to it 'oh yes my turtle likes that', 'my turtle went there', 'I did that when I went to my turtles house'.
He doesn't really bother with the toy itself bust constantly talks about it.

The turtle has recently had to come to work with me too! 
I figure that its just a funny stage that hes going through that will be fun to remind him of when he is older (sneaky Mummy!)


  1. I had an invisible "friend" called Gerry that i would make my mum push on the swim when I was little. And when i was older i used to hold parties for my cats so this seems totally normal (and a little bit lovely). :) #MMWBH

  2. I just commented with #mmwbh but ignore that bit! :D