Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Dont stress, Say yes!!

As soon as I had munchkin I couldn't wait until he could hold a paintbrush! Messy play has always an essential part of munchkins life. I happily make a jelly just so he can mush it up, Cook pasta so he can play with it and make gloop so he can explore it.

My Husband used to find this quite strange as his Mum never did any form of messy play or craft with him when he was younger. He often tells me of how his mum is so house proud and how he wasn't allowed to walk on the carpet after she had hoovered it, Once the bed was made he couldn't sit on it and as soon as anything got on his hands it was quickly washed off.

This brings me to my point....everyone wants a lovely clean and tidy home and we often stress when kids make a mess or want to do some painting we are quick to say 'No Ive just cleaned up' Our children aren't going to remember in a few years time if we didn't run the hoover around for one day or we didn't do the one load of ironing that we should have. They will however remember how fun that craft session was or how messy they got when playing with jelly. I myself often get caught up on 'but its gonna make another mess that I'm going to have to clean' but I consciously make and effort to think as long as it cleans up.....WHY NOT!!

Next time your children need something to do let them do some painting. next time they wanna do messy play....before you just jump to 'are you kidding! Ive just cleaned' take a second and say WHY NOT!
Lets allow our children to remember us having fun with them, getting a little messy at times, jumping in puddles with clean jeans on! Don't create memories of 'mum wouldn't let me do anything when she had cleaned up'
Our hands can be washed, Tables wiped, Clothes cleaned and memories made!


  1. Ah, I agree with you completely. Yes, the mess isn't especially great to have to clean up... but it can all soon be wiped away. We love a bit of painting and messy play, not to mention getting outdoors and getting covered in mud! It's worth it to see how much my children enjoy it and all that they are learning from it x

  2. This is a great post. I am massively guilty of worrying about mess but you're right I just need to let go and enjoy it with my children x

  3. We LOVE messy play. It is such an amazing sensory experience for them. I'm glad you a pushing the laundry aside for a little more fun.