Thursday, 11 February 2016

Baker ross craft Haul

£3.60 for 10pk

I love receiving my Baker Ross box!!! I'm not sure who is more excited when it comes me or munchkin! Not all craft has to be messy! There are times when I want to do craft things with munchkin but I could do without the mess, maybe I have family coming around and I have to be able to clean up quick! Baker Ross have just the right stuff!

Alot of the products are mess free and Munchkin LOVES the peel and stick activities that they offer.  The prices are really reasonable (I've popped the prices under the pics)

£3.49 for  4pk
I'm going to be placing an order with Baker Ross soon as we are going on holiday this year and there are a few things on their website that i think i could take on the aeroplane to keep munchkin entertained. If you would like me to do a blog post on that then just let me know.

£2.99 for 4pk
£3.60 for 10pk
The stampers are amazing value and really good quality! Most of the crafts I've posted on here are ones that children can get on with on their own (obv depending on age) The finger print one below is my fave as its a combination of peel and stick and finger painting. it comes with cute little finger print pads with lids so you can use them with other crafts. Click here to go to the link

£3.49 for 5pk


  1. I'm hearing so many good things about baker ross lately, I'm gonna have to order something. Love the butterflies x

  2. Oh wow this craft box looks like so much fun! We are always looking out for fun things like this - so useful on a rainy day

    Laura x