Monday, 23 November 2015

Yankee candle haul

I arrived home from work today and to my surprise Hubby's car was already on the drive! Before I got to our front door he was stood in the doorway and said 'come on you! we are going to check out the Yankee candle sale'
I had noticed on Facebook that our local garden centre were having a Yankee candle party. I didn't mention it to hubs because im not one for spending money on myself. He knows I love Yankee Candles and usually gets me one for my birthday or xmas etc but to my surprise he had seen it on facebook too and decided to treat me!
The had a deal on where if you spent £30 you get a free goodie bag and a 15% discount on what you buy.

My favourite Yankee candles are Back cherry, clean cotton, wedding day and black cherry blossom. Ive noticed that the scents that i usually go for are clean/fresh scents and berry scents so I'm trying to try out something some seasonal and foodie smells. The gingerbread, Cinnamon and spice ones are not for me but I loved the smell of the berry trifle, There was also another one that smelt like candy canes (it had a ginger bread house and candy cane on the front)
I got 3 large jars and they were....
Black plum blossom - one of my favs
snow in love - this is a nice seasonal one
fireside treats - YUM!  
The 3 of these Jars with the 15% discount came to £50 
I wasn't really bothered about the goody bag as I thought it may just be one or 2 tea lights and a wax tarts but when the lady handed me the bad and I felt the weight in the bag I started to get excited!
Here is what I got in my goody bag for free!!
1 x medium Jar - Lavender
1 x small jar - Black plum blossom (my fav)
1 x votive - Honey and spice
2 x wax tarts - french lavender & salted caramel

So its safe to say Im a very happy bunny with what we got and my house is going to smell yummy for a while!! I would love to know what your favourite scents are, pop them in the comments box!
speak soon 


  1. I love Yankee Candles! They smell so amazing and so many different varieties too. I've just got out my Christmas ones! Sounds like a great offer, glad to hear you had a good haul x

  2. I would love one: lanvender, please!