Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Disney's 'Eye found it' game review

First of all I would like to say I wasn't given this game to review it. I saw it and bought it for Munchkin. Mainly I bought it because we are very much into Disney. I'm doing the review because I think the game is fab! I love the fact that with this game you have to work as a team to win.

I bought it from Smyths toy store for £14.99 find it here

The game is quite long and works its way through Disney character lands like Mickey & co, Cars, little mermaid, Beauty and the beast. and more!

You start at the bottom of the board and work your way up to Cinderella's castle before the clock strikes 12!

The Game comes with a spinner, timer, character pieces, Rings and cards

The aim of the game is to work your way up the board spinning the spinner on your turn, if you land on a number you move that many spaces, if you land on the castle pic on the spinner you alter the hour on the clock but one or two hours depending on which castle you land on then you spin the spinner again!

Try to get ALL your players to the castle before the clock strikes 12 o clock!

Now the fun part! If you land on a Mickey head (on your spinner or on the board) you get to choose a card. Each card has something on it (the instructions have the meanings should you not know what the picture means) The card picture include things like flowers, Diamonds, Ladders and much more!

The first card we picked was the villain card (munchkin is doing his best villain eyes)
The aim is then to give each of the players the hoops and when the timer is turned over everyone tried their best to find those things on the card. When one is found a hoop is placed on it.
For example we were looking for villain's so we would put hoops around captain hook, Gaston etc

When the timer runs out everyone stops searching and counts up ALL of the hoops on the board then EVERYONE moves that amount of spaces. (E.g 5 villains found = everyone moves 5 spaces)

This game is all about working as a team so everyone has to get to the castle before 12 o clock otherwise its game over. If you are at the castle already and other players haven't you can still help search when someone has landed on a Mickey head.

The detail on this board game is Amazing and we have had many fun times playing it as a family! We only had it at Christmas and it munchkins most played game out of all that hes got!
I would recommend it 100%


  1. I love playing board games with my children. And anything Disney is always a hit. Glad to hear you all like it so much x

  2. My son is currently going through a big phase of playing board games, so I know he would love this. It looks like fun!