Friday, 20 November 2015

Honeymoon booked!! eeekkkk!

Yey!!!! we have finally booked our Honeymoon!
We asked for money for a wedding gift from our guests. some people find this cheeky but we didnt want gifts that we wouldnt use and alot of our guests had already said to us they would rather give us money then search for endless hours for a gift that we may not even need.
We put a nice poem in our wedding invites that explained we were asking for money to go on honeymoon if they wish to give something but their presence was more important than anything to us.

After the we got married and opened our cards we were so overwhelmed with the generosity of our guests. We sat down and talked about where we would like to go on honeymoon. We decided to have munchkin before we got married so leaving him at home while we went on honeymoon was NOT an option. We are a family and knew that we wanted to honeymoon as a family.....and where would the perfect place to go as a family be?!.......

So we finally booked it for next year as it would allow us to save the extra we needed
next year is my 30th, Andys 40th and munchkins 5th so we thought it would be the perfect celebration holiday!
We have booked a Disney hotel as we wanted all the extras like dining, transport etc

I am sooooo excited as ive only been once for 1 week a few years before I had munchkin. Andy had never been! He thought Butlins was exciting so I know hes gonna love Disney!

Munchkin always talks about Disneyworld and how he would love to go.....we have decided to keep it a secret from him until on the plane or at the airport.
So im welcoming any comments on good tips and tricks for what to do at disneyworld and also good places to eat.

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  1. Oh, amazing! What an incredible experience it will be for you all and how lovely to celebrate your honeymoon as a family. I've never been to Disney but I'm sure it will be incredible x