Saturday, 21 November 2015

Family Years plans! bucket list

The day after we got married I got to thinking and suggested to Hubby that we make a brain storm type of thing with things we would like to do, places we would like to go and things that we would like to do. Then next year we can check back to out list and see how many of the things we can tick off.
Its not neccessarily a 'to do' list but more of a wishlist. Anything that isnt ticked off simply gets put onto the following year or removed from the list totally depending on how we feel and our circumstances!

Here are some of the things that are on our year plans list (or year bucket list if you like)

  •  Family holiday to Disney world
  • Go on more Beach days out together
  • Take munchkin swimmin more often
  • Go back to our wedding venue for a meal or afternoon tea
  • More picnics together
  • Family photo shoot/canvas
  • Take R onto a steam train in Breacon
  • Buy a DSLR camera
  • Go on a boat ride as a family
  • Laugh more!
  • Fly kites
  • Spend more time with friends and their children on days out
  • Look towards buying a house
  • New Car
  • More fun things as a family
  • Go out in the pouring rain and giggle together as a family
  • Andy promotion
  • New Laptop
  • Visit more places within Wales
  • Organise the house more (more storage)
  • Create a better blog and more content
  • Go back to Butlins
  • Collect conkers
  • Do more messy play with Munchkin
  • Create Mummy son time.
  • Do date nights in, once every 2 weeks
  • say 'I love you' at least once every day
  • Take more photos
  • Go to Bristol Zoo
  • Go for long family Walks
  • Do more home baking 
  • Try for another Baby
  • Make a family scrapbook
Go and create your list! its good to look back on!
speak soon 

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  1. Some lovely ideas here. I think it's nice to write it all down as a little list so you have a good reminder. x