Sunday, 26 April 2015

Are you fabulous?!? #fabme3

This morning I thought I would play a youtube video to listen to while doing my make up. I started looking at parent blogger videos and saw one titled something like 'Im fabulous because...' The video was clips of Mummy bloggers saying why they were amazing. Some said they were amazing because they are fab mums or brill cooks etc. It was all lovely to hear but one thing that stood out to me was how most of the Mums found it extremely hard to say what they were fabulous at and it occurred to me that if someone said to me 'right!...stand there and tell me why you are fabulous!' I would honestly feel so uncomfortable and wouldn't be able to answer. The first words out of my moth as a reply would be 'im not Fabulous!'

After the video had ended I kept thinking about it and why its so difficult for some people to say why they are Fabulous. Low self esteem? Possibly!
While doing my hair I got to thinking about my handsome little Boy. I'm trying to be the best mum I can be while teaching him all the important things in life.....manners, rules, confidence....yep confidence! we all want our children to be confident right?!?! So I thought about a few years time, if a teacher asked him to stand up in front of his class and say why hes fabulous! what if he just stood there and clammed up and couldn't even think of anything! This would make me feel sad and that id failed in making him the confident little man he should be!
Iam always telling him how smart he is and praising him for his manors and nice actions towards people. What if he stood in front of me and asked me 'Mummy what makes you so fabulous?' what would I do?? There is no way i could sit there and say oohhh I'm not fabulous hunny! there is nothing special about your Mummy!. What would that teach him!

So my aim of this post was to find at least 3 things that I'm fabulous at OR make me Fabulous! No matter how long it takes me! So here goes!

1) I'm a fabulous Mum  (I think more of us need to start believing in ourselves as parents)
2) I'm fabulous at creative projects e.g painting, crafting etc
3) I'm fabulous because I'm spontaneous and like to take my family on surprise days out.

My Challenge to you all is to come up with 3 things that you are fabulous at OR make you Fabulous! This isn't just for Parent bloggers! Its for everyone! We all need to be more confident in ourselves and what makes us special! comment below with yours or tweet me on twitter with yours! #mummymessandmagic  #fabme3

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