Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wedding planning update

Wow, this wedding is coming around so quickly! I thought I would write a blog post and update you all on my wedding planning progress.
I would be lying right now if I said I wasn't a tad bit stressed regarding the wedding. There are loads of questions that I need to ask my suppliers, choices we have to make like food, music etc etc
When me and Andy first got engaged I knew exactly what I wanted!.....a lace dress, lace decor, very vintage meets shabby chic! It's safe to say that it's developed into the complete opposite!
It all started because I must have tried on about 15 lace dresses that were totally amazing on the hanger but as soon as I put them on they just did nothing for me or my body shape and if I'm honest all the lace ones sort of moulded into the same thing in my mind.
The wedding dress that I ended up going for I only picked out to try on because I hated it and the girl in the shop asked me to try something out of my comfort zone. My friend kept begging me not to try it on but I went ahead and put it on.....I came out from behind the curtain and my friends jaw dropped! She fell in love with it and so did I.
I have most of my accessories, I never have been shoe crazy but I'm completely I love with my wedding shoes! The boys have been measured for their suits and I can't wait to see them on the day!
We are meeting with the venue to make food/drink choices this month and the bridesmaid dresses are coming in at the end of the month.
I still have to make an appointment for our hair and makeup trial and I'm working my butt off to get down to my goal weight before I get my dress fitting at the beginning of next month.
I want to change the design of the wedding cake as we booked it before I got my dress and it's got quite a vintage lace feel so I want to change this. We have also met with our registrar and choosen our vows etc.
Last week I took some of my mum and Nan's broken gold and odd earrings to one of the cash for gold places. I wanted to do this because my mum and my nan have passed away and I wanted to use this cash to buy my wedding ring so essentially it's like they are buying it for me. So the guy offered me £170, I was over the moon with that and took the money straight to buy my wedding ring!
It's all happening rather quickly now and I've gotta admit I am rather excited too. After our big day I will be posting pics and details about our day and how to do some of the DIY projects that I did for the wedding.
catch up with you soon 

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