Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Screams in the night

Over the past 3-5 months R has been having really bad nightmares and thankfully its been fairly easy to settle him by going into his room and reassuring him that its ok and that hes safe etc.
However over the last 2 months my poor little monkey keeps having a really bad dream where he litterely wakes up screaming crying so bad! He screams about bees/wasps being all over his bed/pillow and before you can get in his bedroom he's jumped out of his bed and is shaking and crying so bad!
We tried to reasure him and pop a lamp on and show him that there are no bees in his bed but the dream is so real to him that there is no reasoning with him and hes completely convinced that there are bees in his bed.

When these dreams happen the only thing that works is either Andy or myself sleeping on the floor on R's room (he usually ends up joing one of us on the floor). I know hes not attention seeking as it always happends in the middle of the night and hes genuinly sooo upset.

I really have no idea why these bad dreams about bees/wasps have come about because hes not had any bad experiences with bees or wasps yet hes had the same dream now about 5-6 times.
There is also nothing that had changed within our lives that may have upset him to cause any bad dreams.
Can anyone shine any light on this? do your little ones have many bad dreams?

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