Thursday, 2 July 2015

Car boot sales! My top 10 tips

Evening all,
As many of you would have read in my recent blog post we are short on money and I've been trying to make as much money as we possibly can.
So my alarm was set and the boxes were ready to load into the car for an early morning car boot sale.
I'd managed to smuggle some toys away from munchkin as he has way to many that he doesn't play with and my inlaws had given me some bits and bobs of theirs to get rid of.

Soooo.....perching your bum inside your open yet uncomfortable car boot while in a muddy field, with bitter winds at 7 am in the morning isn't my idea of a lazy Sunday morning but hey! Somethings gotta give if we are gonna get some money.
My plan was to keep low prices to sell more! My dad came and had a cuppa with me and to my surprise hubs-2-b brought munchkin up for a walk and to see all the toys I'd secretly robbed from him his mummy!

Munchkin found it amazing to be able to wander around in the boot of the car and put people's money in our cash box (he's convinced that the money is for Butlins).

Anyways lots of things amazes me at what people will buy at boot sales. It is defiantly true that 'one mans junk is another mans treasure'. When sorting through the garage I'd found a cutlery tray that didn't fit in our draw in out new house. The woman gave me £1 for it and all I could thing could probably get a brand new one in the pound shop! But she was happy...and so was I.

We found ourselves drooling over all of the passersby with huge burgers and hot dogs....a handful of times I nearly gave into the temptation of a dirty treat but kept thinking of the money.

The joyful time came for me to pack up and go home (Yey!) couldn't wait to warm up and have a nice cuppa.
After getting home munchkin hindered helped while I counted my money. After taking out the cost of the pitch (£5) and my float for the cash tin (£20) we actually earned £120 which I'm really pleased about because when my alarm went off I was considering hitting the snooze button and going back to sleep! So I'm glad that I dragged myself out of bed.

I would really recommend doing a boot sale to get rid of items while earning some cash. Here are my 10 top tips!

1) Do your research into good boot sales in your area
2) Box up items in advance and stick prices on them
3) Take plenty of carrier bags
4) Take a cash float of change
5) wrap up warm or take sun cream depending on the weather
6) Take a flask and some food so that your not temped to spend your earnings on the burger van
7) Take a sturdy table. Papering tables are good but use something to support the middle underneath
8) Be prepared for's a boot's gonna happen
9) If you're going for a walk don't take too much money, that way you can't be tempted to buy loads.
10) Make sure all disks, CD's, games & DVD are in their boxes.

I'd be interested to know all your thoughts, feelings and experiences with car boot sales.

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