Monday, 27 July 2015

Colouring isnt just for kids!

I finally gave into my temptation and bought one of the adult colouring books that I've seen around for ages! I'd seen them in Asda, wh smiths, The range and a few other places and thought it was a fab idea as I LOVE to colour and always have so as soon as R gets his colouring book out my eyes light up!

I've been having a lot of stress put on me lately with the wedding coming closer and peoples unwanted views and tantrums becoming much more frequent.
I began to realise that a lot of my day was spend in front of a screen, maybe a phone, ipad, laptop or tv so I wanted something that would de stress me and not involve me being infront of any type of screen! So I decided that I would pick up the next colouring book that I saw! 
It happened to be in Asda so I picked up some cheap colouring markers and pencils to go with it and promised myself that I wouldn't let R get his mitts on them as that's where all of my stationary seems to go lately. 
I think the colouring book was around the £6 mark which seems extremely expensive however when you see the amount of pages and the detail in some of the pictures you will understand that they take a while to complete!

Here are some that I've completed. I don't claim to be an artist. I just just colour how I want when I want and where I want.
As you can see by the pictures below and the one above they do contain a lot of detail.
I would highly recommend these colouring books for adults as they certainly destress me and give me enjoyment.

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