Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Update - Comping - Weight Watchers

Just a little update for you all as I've deserted my blog recently as work and life just got a little crazy. I'm off work at the moment because munchkin has got chickenpox but he is dealing with it well and hasn't grumbled once! He has had the iPad constantly in his hands and if I'm honest I don't really mind. He is hardly ever ill so I thought why not!

Anyway!! Since losing weight for our wedding in 2015.....I' basically I've put loads back on. Its completely my fault as we have enjoyed eating out loads and I started a job where I start work before lunch time and finish at 4pm although we can eat on the go I've been grabbing Fatty foods like Chocolate bars, Crisps etc
So I've decided that I'm going to start doing Weight Watchers again but due to us saving to buy a house I'm not going to pay to go to the meetings or do it online. I'm just going to base it on what I know about the old pro point system as I know its changed to smart points. I've dug out my old WW books and I'm starting on Monday when I'm hoping munchkin will be going back to school. This will give me enough time to get the food shopping that I need

I've also taken up comping since being off and so far we have won some slogan t-shirts
~ for me and munchkin, soup and soup mug, rugby shirt, goodie bags and more. I just enter them in the evenings when hubs and I are sat down watching tv.
If you are also a comper let me know!

Speak soon!

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