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Butlins Minehead Review

So many of you that follow me on twitter and instagram will know that in March we went away as a family on a last minuet holiday to Butlins in Minehead. We had been going through some difficulties as a family and needed a break away. I was our first time visiting any Butlins.
We decided to book a gold apartment and also a premium food package. for 2 x adults and 1 x child.
On arriving at Butlins front gates we were greeted by a very friendly member of staff who directed us to where to park and where we needed to check in. Due to being in a gold apartment we got to check in early (which is always a bonus) We checked in at the gold check in desk and the member of staff was very friendly and helpful and considering she had a huge queue of people this friendliness and politeness didn't slip at all! not even after repeating her self over and over to each person checking in. We collected our key cards and went to explore the skyline while waiting to be able to get into our room a little later!

The skyline is incredible and much larger than it looks on line! It was so over whelming! Munchkin got so excited there was so much going on from 2p machines playing music, lights flashing, entertainment happening on the main stage, a large soft play area for children. I couldn't help but smile! i knew we were going to enjoy the next four days.

On checking into our gold apartment we were very impressed. This was munchkins room! We took a bed rail with us however they are available to hire from Butlins. The windows have locks at the bottom and top of the windows so this was handy to prevent munchkin from making a quick escape!

This was our double room. very clean. comfy bed! (love the little elephant). the wardrobe contained a safe and there was a tv on the dresser.
The bathroom was again lovely and clean and contained lovely little extras!

 The kitchen/dining area was nice! Because we had a dining package we didn't spend any time eating at the table except for our morning cuppa! The kitchen was very clean and came complete with all of the essentials.
Oven, hobs, pots, pans, cutlery, kettle, teapot, tea, coffee, sugar, microwave, dish washer (& tablets), iron, ironing board, cups, glasses and much more!!

The living area again was very clean! sofas were very comfortable! The cleaner came around daily and replenished items and tidied, make the beds, put out clean towels, and pop any dished into the dishwasher so they are all clean by the time you get back to your room.

The living area was also nice! two comfy sofas, and a tv and dvd player. We found that this was alot more spacious than we had expected!

Entertainment:- I have to say that i found the entertainment for children amazing! there was always something to watch/do!

I thought that munchkin would enjoy all of the characters like fireman Sam etc however he fell in love with the skyline gang! and we found him singing along to the songs after the first day! In fact months later he is still on about the skyline gang and always gets us to show him the skyline gang videos on YouTube!

Another big fav of ours was the puppet castle! it was a really interactive show that munchkin would look forward to daily!

Munchkin also looked forward to the tots disco every night! we really enjoyed watching him join in with the red coats. Yes we did buy him some of the flashing merchandise that goes around however being honest they didn't cost as much as i thought they would!

Food:- As i have said we booked the dining plan and had two restaurants to choose from...'The Yacht Club' and 'The deck' they were both very nice and each served a wide selection of food and desert! they even have a children's counter that is lower to allow them to serve themselves! (Its the little things that matter). I would also like to gave a special mention to someone who stood out to us! He works on the restaurant reception area along with other staff! He was absolutely amazing with our son and made an effort with each and every child that came through the doors. He had a special quality!! he even took the time to come and sit with our son and help him read a book! We were very touched by this as this was going above and beyond! 

There are lovely things that i noticed throughout our stay. like the cafe shop within the skyline.....the 'lovely person' check on my cup :-)
The skyline has sooooo much to offer! and anyone who says that its not kept clean must be lying because there were always 3-4 cleaners within eyes view! literaly as soon as you realised you have dropped something they are right behind you cleaning it up!

This may sound really silly but years ago i went to Disney world in Florida and other than the amazing fun i had the staff friendliness was the thing that stood out the most....I've never seen customer service like it in the UK....until now! I would happily say that each and every member of staff had customer service just like at Disney! when i say everyone i mean from check in to read coats to restaurant to the skyline chip shop.

We had an amazing holiday however we don't even feel like we have been able to scrape the surface of what was available at Butlins! We would love to go back to Butlins again and take my inlaws as i do believe that there is something for every age group! 
Thank you Butlins for helping us create amazing family memories!!
Please Note:- I have not been paid to do this review and all of my opinions are my own

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