Monday, 16 June 2014

Bridesmaid & wedding dress shopping!

So it's been a while since I've posted here. I've just been busy with family stuff and each time I sit down to write on my blog, something happens....munchkin wakes up upset, someone's at the door or on the phone! So I'm shutting myself off to everything tonight (except munchkin obviously).

Wedding plans are coming along nicely and it's scary how quickly it's coming around!

We have now ordered the bridesmaids dresses (woo whoo). I've decided to add a splash of colour into the wedding and this colour is the bridesmaids dresses!
We have gone for a minty blue/pale turquoise. The 'caribbean' in the pic below
 The bridesmaids dresses weren't what I'd thought I'd like at first but they are very different and a now love them!!
The shop gave me an amazing deal....if I ordered the two bridesmaids dresses and my dress I would get one bridesmaids dress free and 10% off my dress. Everyone loves a deal right?! So I quickly booked the bridesmaids dresses and started looking for mine.....after going back on two occasions the girl there kept putting me in a large A-line gown and told me that the mermaid/fishtail didn't suit me. I was very disappointed because after losing 4 and a half stone I wanted a dress that is going to show off my body shape. She kept saying things like 'awww this is most certainly the one for you' don't get me was a pretty dress, just not what I was looking for and at £1599....this was a lot for just 'pretty'.

I soon began thinking about going to other shops to look even if it ment losing the discount in the other shop.

I went to another shop just to have a look at what dresses they stock and prices. It was very obvious that 3 of the members of staff were whispering about someone/something.....being the only person in the shop this does not create a good impression!! I hate people whispering because I believe it creates unnecessary  tension. They were lovely enough once they had finished their whispering session but did put me off slightly.

Each shop I visited just didn't seem right....I wanted to visit this one bridal store as soon as I knew we were getting married but had been put off with people telling me that they were really expensive but I decided to bite the bullet and book an appointment there! And I'm so glad I did! I'm hoping to do a review on this bridal shop and continue my dress hunt experience in my next wedding post but I'm going to speak with the shop first before I disclose their info. *keep your eyes peeled*

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