Thursday, 24 July 2014

Moving on....AGAIN!

Yes its been a few weeks since my last blog has got even more hectic and im struggling to make time to post on my blog....or even find any time for myself! I dont want this blog to just be me moaning because thats not my intention.

The are some personal issues going on (I cant go into these at the moment). We moved into a lovely house the end of 2013 which allowed us to get munchkin into the school we wanted him to go to. We were very happy that our landlord was glad to have us at long term tenants. We completed the first 6 month contract and the landlord agreed to providing us with a long term contract....instead of turning up with the contract he rung us to tell us that someone was coming to view the house with e intention of buying it! So as you can imagine it put us in a right spin.
We have since applied for another house and are waiting for a decision on if we have the house or not. The house is bigger than the one we have at the moment and has an extra bedroom which would low us to have people stay over (which the inlaws are really looking forward.

So we have gone from being comfortable and expecting to spend the next 3+ years here to having to move within the next month! It honestly feels like I've only just finished unpacking after moving into this house. Ahh well....what will be will be!!. I just hope that it doesn't unsettle munchkin too much as it took us a good few months to get him back into his sleeping routine when we moved into this house. I've been taking him out for walks when someone comes to view the house as I don't want him wondering why people are walking around his house.

Let the packing begin! (Oh the joy)

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