Saturday, 10 June 2017

Happy Campers?!?

Well....Hello! Long time no speak! Life has been a little crazy but in a good way!

We got to thinking about our next holiday but everything seemed so expensive! we looked at holidays abroad and holidays in the UK but everything seemed so out of our price range as we are saving for a house deposit. I quickly gave up and realised that there would be no holiday on the cards for this year. Well that was until one Saturday I laughed and said to hubs.... 'how about we go camping?' We laughed about it but later that day we found ourselves in the 'Go Outdoors' near us.

we browsed the tents that were available and munchkin insisted on going into each tent. We quickly realised that a lot of the tents weren't the cramped tents just for sleeping in (unless you want them to be of course). A lot of these tents had separate bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen areas.

For the first time we actually saw this as an option! It just seemed to be our answer. We could have cheaper family holidays and enjoy a more back to basics fun.

On our way out we saw a family tent that was on offer and we loved it! yep we bought it! It came with an awning which adds on another room at the front (shown in the pic) so on long weekends we could just take the actual tent (bedrooms and living room) and for longer stays we could take the awning to have more living space!

We have our first long weekend book to test out the tent So here is to happy camping!!
speak soon

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