Monday, 12 June 2017

Happy campers Part 1

So if you read my last post then you would know that we bought a family tent in an attempt to create good family holiday memories with a back to basic (ish) feel. Rather than pitch the tent in our garden for a test run we decided to book and pay £26 for a 2 night stay over a weekend. We had a fab time and learned a lot regarding things we would have done better.

I would tell any family to give camping a go! I think that camping is becoming much more popular. I wanted a chance to get back to basics as munckin constantly wants the ipad so I wanted to get him back to basics so he could find his own entertainment and so we could
just spend evenings playing games together as a family rather than having Ipads and tvs.

we enjoyed laughing when cooking our food on a BBQ, playing bat and ball, going for walks and listening to the campfires as we fell asleep each night. (I have included a few photos of our little set up below)

I don't think there are enough blog posts out there regarding family camping, the benefits and the lovely campsites that are within a stones throw of us! So I'm going to be reviewing campsites and giving tips on camping as a family within my 'Happy campers' posts.

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